weightlossing , good morning for better 



I registered  <word press> , one side is for losing weight, another side is for studying English, I think reading the essay is more interesting than reading book and news paper to learn English, more close to life… more truth, more passion, more energy, even though there are many new words to me, not all points I can catch them up, I have to read some comments to valid if I can understand the essay, but I believe my English would be improvement if I am  keeping at the reading. Cheers! 

Today, I run 40mins . 


The Things I Carry from 2015 and my One Word for 2016

I lived a hundred different lives in 2015. The adventurous expat, the patient teacher, the homesick little girl, the intrepid world traveler, the anxiety-ridden dependent, the supportive wife, the optimistic partner, the heartbroken friend. I have felt a hundred incongruous emotions — hopeful and discouraged, excited and apathetic, inspired and utterly disengaged, generous and self-protective, […]